a.k.a. Restorative Yoga w/ Yoga Nidra

Ideal class to calm the nervous system, release body tension and quiet the mind.  Especially helpful for recovery and fibromyalgia. OTHER BENEFITS: 

  • Deeply relaxes the body

  • Stills the mind

  • It's "me" time or "down-time"

  • Improves capacity for healing 

  • Calms the nervous system

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Enhances our mood

  • Can heal mental and physical symptoms that are stress related


Two Hours of Bliss - Restorative Yoga classes w/ Yoga Nidra (deep sleep)

A two hour class that includes gentle movements and stretches, no strengtheners. Postures are supported with blankets and bolsters. I will guide you through various relaxation techniques and breathing practices ending with yoga nidra. If time permits you have the option to receive a few minutes of healing touch during the class.

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