What is a Sadhana Practice?

Before moving to Thornbury in 2011 I would participate once/year in a 7 day yoga sadhana practice led by my Iyengar Yoga Teacher in London. I would roll out of bed, take a quick shower, eat a light breakfast, then drive 45 minutes every day to get to class on time for the 6:30 am start and I loved it. It was a no brainer that I would later offer a yoga sadhana practice to my own students. 

Consider the benefits - early morning start to your day - enjoy the stillness in the air as you head out to class - a way to prepare your body and mind for the day ahead  - experience the cumulative effect of a daily yoga practice  - inspiration to continue a daily practice on your own at home - practice with a group of like-minded individuals - time for your self 

So for the first time since moving to Thornbury I'm offering a 5 day sadhana practice at Mantra Yoga Studio in July and August for all levels of experience. See the details below.

Practice yoga daily with Joanne.

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