Sore Hips? Strengthen the glutes.

A group of muscles often overlooked and undervalued are the buttock or gluteal muscles (glutes). Toning them not only gives us a beautiful derriere but are responsible for much more than that.


  • stabilize the pelvis - essential for pelvic and spinal health

  • support the hip joints and it's integrity

  • in walking and running, each time the foot hits the ground the glutes contract and propel us forward 

  • support your body when we stand; bear our weight

  • enable us to stand on one foot (balance)

  • healthy glutes reduce back pain and sciatic pain

The glutes are a team of 3 players: The gluteus medius, gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus. 

The most effective strengtheners are side planks, clams, bridge  and one legged standing poses like warrior I and eagle. 

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  • TIGHT HAMSTRINGS. When we have weak glutes the hamstrings (back of the thighs) tighten to bear the load. If you have tight hamstrings, check your glutes. Strengthening the glutes if needed, will allow the hamstrings to relax and stretch out.

  • HIPS & KNEES. Other issues that come up are hip & knee pain and difficulty walking and standing upright and balancing on two feet. 

  • BACK & SCIATIC PAIN. Weak glutes from perhaps too much sitting and not enough activity contributes greatly to back pain and sciatica. 

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