Podcast Interview with Joanne

Updated: May 8

Last month I was interviewed on a podcast called Changing the Face of Yoga by Stephanie Cunningham at www.yogalightness.com.au

The interview is mostly on my experience and training and how I came to specialize in low back pain and sciatica. I also talk about the changing shape of our spine and what is now considered "normal".

If you have sciatica or low back pain there is a lot you can do to change that. Give me a call or book a private session. Call 705-888-9686.



I have extensive training beyond that of a Registered Yoga Teacher to qualify me to work therapeutically to guide people safely with health conditions.  As with any exercise program, please consult a physician to make sure that it is safe and appropriate for you.
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Joanne works from her home studio in Thornbury, or by video conferencing  by appointment times only.