The Best Way to Stretch the Hamstrings

Updated: May 8

The hamstrings are a set of muscles at the back of the thighs. There are three of them that are attached to each sitting bone (ischial tuberosities) of the pelvis.

When they are tight they pull on the pelvis and can lead to back issues. Tight hamstrings are also more likely to tear when overworked and that can be painful.

Short hamstrings can be lengthened naturally throughout the day while performing daily activities like tying your shoes or picking something up.

Simply bend from the hips to allow the pelvis to tilt forward. Make sure that you also bend your knees as much as you need to, and just enough so that you feel a gentle stretch at the back of the thighs (see picture below:knees may be bent much more than that).

Stretching throughout the day everyday, while performing daily activities is a much more effective and long-term approach to stretching the hamstrings than stretching them only when working out or during a yoga practice.

Eventually your short hamstrings will become long and relaxed.

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