A Breathing Technique to Reduce Pain & Anxiety

Updated: May 8

Known for centuries by yogis and now validated by science. I watched a video recently of a french neuropsychiatrist explaining to a patient how this simple breathing exercise can make pain disappear. If you have chronic pain or anxiety once in awhile or often, give it a try:

It goes like this (breathing through the nose): 

Breathe in for 3 seconds Hold your breath for 5 seconds Exhale for 6 seconds Hold for 5 seconds

Why does this help reduce pain?  According to neuroscience when holding your breath your body/brain goes into survival mode and sets everything else aside including pain. 

After checking in with his patient a few months later, she said that all her pain disappeared little by little over time, by practicing this breathing technique daily.


If you have chronic pain consider a private session with me. Yoga Therapy techniques are a non-pharmacological approach that can reduce your pain by increasing your body awareness, breathing practices and relaxation techniques.

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