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Participants in The Essential Low Back Program at The Barn Co-operative, Meaford

The Essential Low Back Program

End low back pain once and for all!


Do you have low back pain?

I have a long term solution that is clinically proven to

relieve pain and restore health.    

This is a complete rebuilding and resiliency program for your back. 

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If you are one of twenty-eight million Canadians who currently suffer from low back pain, there is hope.

The Essential Low Back Program: Relieve Pain & Restore Health offers clinically proven relief. In the NIH-funded study which tested this program, 78% of the participants experienced a significant reduction in pain levels in just twelve weeks. YOU CAN TOO!

This is a complete re-building and resiliency program that provides valuable instructions on yoga poses to alleviate back pain and prevent its recurrence.  

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  • ​Does your back pain come and go? Or is it always there? Maybe it's getting worse. 

  • ​​​​​​Have you tried just about everything and nothing lasts for very long?

  • Do you avoid long car rides or become apprehensive about sitting for too long? 

  • You've been in a car accident and want to supplement the work you are doing with a physiotherapist.  

  • ​Maybe you already had back surgery and your back still hurts.

  • Are you looking for a long-term solution that will improve the condition of your low back and lessen or eliminate the pain?

  • Would you like to strengthen your back and gain the tools to keep it strong for the rest of your life?

          Benefits  and Testimonials from my students.                                                         


Options: 1-on-1  and    group classes

I was trained to teach this program by the author who taught all the classes in the first study, Robin Rothenberg.

You have the option to take the program in a group class or 1-on-1. If you are experiencing nerve pain in leg or foot please arrange a private class to determine if this is the right program for you.   


Private 1-on-1 or online through video-conferencing. $90/hour plus cost of materials. 

You have up to 3 months to complete the 6 week program. 


Private classes are ideal for you if:

  • You want more time to complete the program.

  • You want to work around your own schedule rather than at a pre-determined time.

  • You want more individualized attention. 

  • You have the option to take the program via video-conferencing.

  • Joanne can modify the program to meet you where you are.

  • You are experiencing moderate to high pain levels.

  •  Rate your pain level here

Semi-private group classes are ideal for you if:

Semi-Private group classes are $210 plus cost of materials for home practice. 

  • You want to take the program for 6 continuous weeks at a pre-determined time and location.​

  • You prefer to share the experience with 2 or 3 other participants. 

  • Please note that if you miss a class there is no refund or make-up class.

  • Offered in Thornbury and Owen Sound at different times throughout the year. 

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Benefits to  participants who have taken the  program with Joanne.

Participants continually report that by the end of the 6 week program they have:

  • ​Reduced their pain medication and in many cases eliminated their pain medication altogether

  • They feel a noticeable decrease in pain or the pain is completely gone

  • They sleep better and feel more rested in the morning

  • They experience an increase in activity levels with less discomfort

  • Increased ability to sit longer with less discomfort

  • Less irritability related to chronic pain & tension 

  • Overall increase in a sense of well-being

  • Renewed confidence in their body

  • Less stress in life, they feel more relaxed 

  • Breathing is deeper and easier

  • They feel much better and can continue to care for themselves after the program has ended    


Details  About the Program

We meet for 75-90 minutes once a week for 6 weeks. You learn the exercises and practice them daily with the manual and audio disc. Each week adds to the previous week. Week 6 you learn how to work without the materials, how to sequence the postures and how to continue to care for your own back now that the program is over.    


You will need to purchase the materials so you can practice daily at home or on the road. It includes an illustrated manual and audio recordings equivalent to 5 - 40 minute audio discs or cds. Read an excerpt of the manual.

Purchase the Materials
Download the digital multi-media version (book & audio)  Digital Version $9.99 u.s. OR purchase a hard copy ​of the materials (an 85 page manual and mp3 disc) from directly from me: 

Accelerate Your Recovery 
This daily practice will accelerate your recovery and by the end of the 6 week program you will have the knowledge and the resources to continue on your own and a life-long ability to continue to care for your own back.

Insurance Coverage

Car insurance companies may cover the cost of the program when contacted and recommended by a physiotherapist or medical practitioner.



Rate your pain level to see if you are well enough to take group classes.



0- No Pain

1–3 Mild Pain (nagging, annoying, interfering little with daily living tasks)

4–6 Moderate Pain (interferes significantly with daily living tasks)

7–10 Severe Pain (disabling; unable to perform daily living tasks)

  • Group classes are not suitable if you are experiencing moderate to severe pain or nerve pain like tingling or numbness in legs or upper body. Consider private classes instead. 


What Others Say

"When I started the program my pain level was 8/10 and at the end it was 4/10. I got a thorough understanding of anatomy and the various relationships between the muscles...Joanne was a great teacher. A calm demeanor and very clear and descriptive instructions. My takeaway was  the ability to develop an individual program with progressions - It's an incredible resource. I would recommend the program even to people with no back issues as it is a great preventative tool. I am grateful to Joanne for running the program so I could participate and develop a stronger back and continue with an active lifestyle." Mikael Schalz, 63

"Classes are easy to understand and provide guidance for exercise specific to areas of benefit especially for golf. In particular the neck/shoulder exercises that can be done in a few minutes. My biggest take away was how interconnected

all areas of the body are. Knowledge of muscle interaction and benefits of the various exercises for overall body health. The importance of sequencing exercises for max benefit. The audio was excellent to slow down the pace of the exercise. Joanne is an excellent instructor and makes you feel very comfortable. Classes are important to ensure the exercises are done correctly for greatest benefit." Paul & Margaret Hewitt


"Night time leg pain & sciatica is almost gone. Sometimes mornings are still hard due to laying in one position too long. Wonderful experience, very informative. Sad to see iteration /guidance from Joanne end." Shelley Molto

"Breathing exercises very helpful for relaxation especially at bedtime. My energy level increased, more flexibility, more strength in all muscles areas especially thighs." Steve Magill

"Very good experience. Excellent teacher. Thank you." Margaret Hewitt

"More lower back flexibility, increase in activity levels with less discomfort, increased ability to sit longer with less discomfort." Bev Reed, 75

"I enjoyed the class and found it helpful for my back and in general. A good introduction to Yoga for me. You are a very good teacher." Steve Magill

"Great experience & learning process. Joanne was a gentle, firm & supportive teacher. Improvements noticed and I will go on working on all the elements that will improve my back and strengthen my core." Cheryl Forshaw, 72

Hi  Joanne, the last six weeks with your constant help have been fabulous , one thing I kept forgetting to mention to you is how my sleeping has improved, I  have been a poor sleeper for years, now I at least get about five good  hours. It makes such a difference. Thank you again for all your patience and help." Chris Ellinger, 76 

"After the exercises the rest period was more rewarding than I thought possible...overall I got more out of the program than I expected and everything is set up to progress and learn. I also have a better sense of things that will help my well-being.Although I did not attend all classes I got a lot out of them. I plan to incorporate into my daily routine.Thanks for your leadership. Very enjoyable." C.C. 75

"I finally feel that I have the tools and knowledge to help myself manage any back pain and that I could get through my day and not be exhausted. An excellent program and teacher. " Firoza, Age 44

"I find that I now do a 10 minute relaxation occasionally when my shoulder goes into a spasm. Works better and quicker than an aspirin or Tylenol! " Fionnula Sparling

"The teacher is very knowledgeable, especially if you have a specific issue and have to modify the practice...I feel much lighter and it has become an important part of my day. I've tried other yoga practices, found this program to be different and for me more beneficial and easier to keep practicng on a daily basis." Diane Ellah, 67 

"Fantastic teacher - very knowledgeable and patient!" Dru