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The province of Ontario has mandated proof of vaccinations to gyms and yoga studios and that includes my studio. I will require upon entry to the studio proof of vaccination. I appreciate your tolerance and acceptance of this mandate by the government.

Private  Instruction 

A short guided sitting practice. Joanne Pineau -
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​These private sessions are held in a quiet and peaceful home studio.

I offer you a personalized approach to persistent health concerns, emotional health,

posture, sciatica and back pain.

"I had been treated for Sciatica for almost eight months (physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, medications);  all without much improvement.  My physiotherapist asked me if I had heard of Yoga Therapy and suggested that I consider it. 
      At this point in time, I was desperate to try everything and anything and so I met Joanne.  I started at Inner Journey by taking her session that was especially formatted to improve spinal health/sciatica and within two weeks, I started to feel significant improvement... read more...   Jane Phair

"After thirty years of high stress employment, the 80 hour work weeks caught up to me​ and I found myself burnt out mentally and physically. I never thought that this could happen to me... I found the traditional health and therapy sources unprepared to deal with someone almost crippled with fibro issues....  read more...   Peter Crosthwaite, President, PA Property Management