Learn more about this condition & how to heal it.

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" Hi Joanne, just a short note to say that I got a lot out of the sciatica course. I am putting into practice the postures and exercises to alleviate discomfort and strengthen muscles. 


I looked up Dr. Stuart McGill and am on hold for the "Back Mechanic" book at our library. I may pursue working with one of his clinicians as my back problems are numerous and very longstanding (20+ years). They seem to be getting worse and seriously affecting my mobility. Very scary!


Thank you for a very good overview of sciatica."  Warmly, Mary McElroy

Yoga Therapy can relieve and heal sciatica. 

There is no one fix for sciatica. For example in  some people bending backwards relieves the pain, for others it makes the pain worse. Both require a different approach.
There are often other issues at play as well like scoliosis, arthritis, SI joint or hip pain. How you use your body in daily activities, body mechanics and muscle tone are also contributing factors. 

After experiencing sciatica myself I started offering workshops to help others understand and heal the condition. Read more...


What is sciatica?

Sciatica is not a diagnosis; they are symptoms and described as a painful sharp shooting radiating pain, tingling, numbness, or weakness in the leg, anywhere along the path of the sciatic nerve: in the buttock, hip, thigh, knee, calf, foot and/or toes. It's caused by a nerve impingement or compression in one of the nerve roots of the spine.

About these classes:
  • These classes are specifically designed for individuals with sciatic pain.

  • Safe, user friendly exercises that does not increase your pain.

  • Modifications for your body type

  • Learn how to stabilize the pelvic structure including the hips and psoas.

  • Increase flexibility in the upper body and shoulders.

  • Increase understanding of your condition and how to heal it.

  • Includes instructions for  exercises to do at home between classes to accelerate your healing.

  • Gain in flexibility and strength and return to the activities you love. 

Topics covered in class include:

  • ​A​natomy of the sciatic nerve & piriformis

  • ​C​auses of sciatica

  • The fascia​/connective tissue

  • F​oot pronation (dropped arch)

  • Establishing proper and pain-free body mechanics in sitting, bending and lifting

My road to recovery:

I developed this condition myself in 2011 when I injured my spine in a sledding accident.  After much research, study and experimentation I found what worked for me and healed it.


I decided to share my knowledge with others so in 2013 I developed a two hour workshop for sciatica. I continued to learn from my students and received requests from around the world for information and exercises to heal this condition. So I wrote a manual that is now available on Amazon worldwide called Stop Sciatic Pain. 


Over time, the workshop evolved into 4-6 week series of classes and one day intensives for yoga teachers and the general public. 


Audio Recordings for Sciatica

Listen and follow Joanne's instructions of the exercises recorded live and in real time.


The audio recordings are edited versions of virtual classes taught to groups of individuals experiencing sciatic pain.


Experience the benefits of these classes in the comfort of your own home.Click  HERE  to start your free 2 week trial. 

Podcast interview for Yoga Teachers on Sciatica
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What Others Say

 "Your classes pretty much changed how I deal with my back. I do your exercises almost every day (5-7 days week). I’ve learned my limitations - stacking wood is still not a great activity to do - or lifting super heavy things isn’t an option either - but other than that - I’m back to normal and active. 

      I have not had any issues like that disc problem.   I have only “tweaked” my back ONCE since your classes (my fault, I went to grab something really heavy out at an arm’s length), and it was fine a day later.   Previously - i would have a back spasm at least 2-3 times a year (each time a multi day issue), and various other “tweaks” throughout the year that would take a long time to recover.

     I have also not been back to the chiropractor, or needed Robax.   So. all in all - pretty awesome : )Thank you so much!Keep doing the great work that you do : ) " Jessie Hirt, Private classes for sciatica

"I couldn't stretch my back or legs without pain before starting the class and now I can. I learned so much about proper stretching techniques that I feel I will be able to greatly reduce my back pain. I enjoyed the instructor and her advice was exact and she made sure we understood the stretches....overall extremely pleased with the course. I would highly recommend the class." Bev. age 65

 "I had been treated for Sciatica for almost eight months (physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, medications);  all without much improvement.  My physiotherapist asked me if I had heard of Yoga Therapy and suggested that I consider it. 

      At this point in time, I was desperate to try everything and anything and so I met Joanne.  I started at Inner Journey by taking her session that was especially formatted to improve spinal health/sciatica and within two weeks, I started to feel significant improvement.   

     The exercises were explained fully and Joanne was a big motivator for me.  I actually enjoyed practicing the stretches at home and if I had a question, she would explain it to me- again.  I liked the classes so much that I continue to attend her other classes.  She has a gentle touch and demeanor and is a very patient woman.   

     My only regret is that I did not find her sooner!  Thank you Joanne."  Jane Phair

"I really enjoyed your classes and noticed significant progress with my lower back, hips and SI joint.  My running is also progressing.  You are a wonderful teacher.  Your classes really focused on some problem issues. It was more than just yoga, it was yoga physiotherapy. I would love to take more of your classes." Sandra Soucie, Owen Sound (Yoga Therapy for Sciatica)

"These classes exceeded my expectations. Exercises were great, felt looser, less pain when I left each time. Lots of options to practice, teacher patient, knowledgeable, helpful. Lots of take home practical exercises. I'm motivated to continue taking this type of yoga." Howard

"I learned all about small muscles and how important they are for strengthening. Also, modifications like blanket under the head or knees bent while in prone position to protect lower back. More than met my expectations. Gave me physiological information and modifications for my body type that I have not been given before (been doing yoga for over 10 years). I really liked getting the exercises on mp3 audio files. I was able to follow them more easily that way and was more likely to do them." Carrie

"The most valuable thing I learned was to incorporate yoga into my daily routine to relieve pain! (and strengthen). Small moves have BiG results. I wanted to alleviate pain and it did just that. I also wanted to learn safe, user-friendly exercises, and we did that as well. I think you do a great job Joanne. The classes met my needs and you were open to suggestions. I liked the phone call session too." Judy

"I have done some of the stretches before but this was very enlightening and more in-depth. Enjoyed the sessions and will set up daily." Susan

"I liked how you personalized the instructions of each exercise to what is best for me and which exercises I should probably avoid. I think it's great that you said you'd stay with me after class to demonstrate something I wanted to know that was not part of the class." Brenda

"Most valuable thing learned were the exercises and an understanding of the inter-connectedness of muscle groups and how they each affect and support each other. The content will be a useful resource for my health and will expand my practice. You were very adaptable and available to us. " Neil, Student in a Yoga Teacher Training

"I have really enjoyed your classes and noticed significant progress with my lower back, hips and SI joint.  My running is also progressing. Your classes really focused on some problem issues. It was more than just yoga, it was yoga physiotherapy. You are a wonderful teacher. I would love to take more of your classes." Sandra Soucie, Owen Sound

"I wish to thank you for sharing  your knowledge and  information on back pain. It was very informative and I have been using  your instructed stretches with great  success.  It's nice to know relief can be obtained!" Leslie Davis (Collingwood)

"Your seminar helped me. I was having sciatic pain all down my right leg. During the class it started to abate & 24 hours later I am still pain free.  Thanks", Nancy  Ardiel (Collingwood)

"Joanne, I enjoyed the seminar very much. I have had a look at  the "Stop Sciatic Pain" book you have put together and would like to purchase it for my office." Christine Harrison, Optimum Chiropractic (Thornbury)

"Hi  Joanne- The manual is very useful and informative.Some of the exercises/poses I am already doing as part of my physio for my sciatica. Would you mind if I give a copy of it to my  physio to see which of the exercises she thinks I should integrate into my program? " Regards, Leslie White (Thornbury)