Semi-Private  Weekly Classes  

“Yoga enables me to turn my head. I was unable to do that for a very long time. I have arthritis and it helps tremendously with mobility and flexibility. I also have a very stressful job and I am finding Joanne’s relaxation techniques becoming increasingly helpful. I could go on and on about the benefits not just of yoga but yoga with you!!! I have had a teacher that was not great. You don’t realize the difference sometimes until you come across someone exceptional like Joanne. The difference is like night and day.” Linda Graham

Watch a brief overview of my classes.


Weekly in-person classes are cancelled for now. Join us live online for via Zoom video-conferencing platform. DETAILS & LINK TO JOIN


Weekly classes in my home studio (Thornbury) are typically 6 people (semi-private) so you receive a lot of personal attention and care and specific conditions can be addressed over time. 

These classes are for you if you want help with one or more of these conditions:

  • you have mild to moderate low back, neck and/or shoulder pain. Rate Your Pain Level

  • mild forms of: sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis, degenerative disc.

  • or you are stiff/sore and want a gradual approach to strengthening and stretching.

  • You are over 55. 

  • Suitable for individuals with hip or knee replacement. 

IMPORTANT: Mobility issues & pain

Exercises are done laying on the floor and standing so a certain degree of mobility and strength is required to get up or down on your own. Consider private classes with Joanne if mobility and pain is a concern for you. 


Classes include somatic movements and a therapeutic approach to classic yoga postures that produce the following outcome:

  • Restores structural symmetry

  • Promotes circulation

  • Releases tension and reduces pain

  • Re-establishes healthy neuro-muscular patterns

  • Reduces inflammation and loosens up chronic tightness

  • Re-educates your body so that it moves more efficiently

  • Will not make a pre-existing condition worse

  • Calms the nervous system and quiets the mind

  • Compassionate and caring attention from me


Depending on the needs of the individuals in the class we also work on gentle strengtheners and proper posture when sitting, bending, lifting and walking.  



Classes in Owen Sound run as an 6 week series of classes.

 Sundays 4:00pm - 5:15pm  $132

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Class & Refund Policy

Owen Sound


  • Payment for a set of classes is always for consecutive weeks.

  • No refunds are given for missed classes.

  • Make-up classes are not guaranteed since classes are usually full. Speak to Joanne for details.

  • Start anytime when space is available. 

  • Option to try a class first as a drop in for $25 when space available. Contact Joanne to arrange it.

  • If I cancel a class, due to weather for example, I will apply a credit to the next series of classes or issue a refund for that class.  


  • Mobility issues: Postures are done laying on the floor and standing so a certain degree of mobility and strength is required.

  • Consider fitness classes at the Thornbury Library instead if coming down to the floor is a struggle or consider 1-on-1 sessions with Joanne.

  • If you've had treatment for cardiac or cancer recovery in the last two years please speak to Joanne to discuss your needs.

  • If you are in pain please rate your pain level. 



Rate your pain level to see if you are well enough to take these classes.


0- No Pain

1–3 Mild Pain (nagging, annoying, interfering little with daily living tasks)

4–6 Moderate Pain (interferes significantly with daily living tasks)

7–10 Severe Pain (disabling; unable to perform daily living tasks)

  • Group classes are not suitable if you are experiencing moderate to severe pain or nerve pain like tingling or numbness in legs or upper body. Consider private classes instead. 

I have extensive training beyond that of a Registered Yoga Teacher to qualify me to work therapeutically to guide people safely with health conditions.  As with any exercise program, please consult a physician to make sure that it is safe and appropriate for you.
The information on this Website is provided for information purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical, legal or professional advice whatsoever and should not be relied upon in that respect.
Joanne works from her home studio in Thornbury, or by video conferencing  by appointment times only.