Thornbury, Ontario
The province of Ontario has mandated proof of vaccinations to gyms and yoga studios and that includes my studio and classes at St. Georges Parish Hall. I will therefore require upon entry to class proof of vaccination. I greatly  appreciate your tolerance and acceptance of this mandate by the government.

Please wear a mask until you are on your mat. 

“Yoga enables me to turn my head. I was unable to do that for a very long time. I have arthritis and it helps tremendously with mobility and flexibility. I also have a very stressful job and I am finding Joanne’s relaxation techniques becoming increasingly helpful.


I could go on and on about the benefits not just of yoga but yoga with you!!! I have had a teacher that was not great. You don’t realize the difference sometimes until you come across someone exceptional like Joanne. The difference is like night and day.” Linda Graham


About Weekly Classes

  I offer a safe, gradual and gentle approach to improving a body condition from the inside out.

  Weekly classes can help you to:


  • reclaim muscle tone and height in a gentle and gradual way

  • improve functional movement, posture and flexibility

  • become more pro-active with your self-care

  • continue to care for yourself after completing a physiotherapy treatment plan

  • learn how to relax and quiet your mind

  • feel better

  • accelerate healing. Yoga therapy complements manual therapies like massage, osteopathy & chiropractic care.

  • adjust the yoga exercises to maintain healthy posture and avoid unnecessary injury.

  • learn an evidenced-based program for low back pain


  Classes are for you if you want to improve a body condition like:

  • Mild low back, neck and/or shoulder pain.

  • Mild arthritis, or you are stiff/sore and want a gradual approach to strengthening and stretching.

  • Mild forms of: sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis, degenerative disc.


  • And if you are over 50.

  • May of had a hip or knee replacement.

  • You have enough mobility to lay down on a mat and come up to standing on your own. 


     NOTE: This is not chair yoga but chairs are sometimes used for sitting exercises and stability when standing. 

                                                        Join a Class:    

Two Hours of Bliss - click here for more information

Yoga for Sore Bodies Group Series:
10 classes 90 minutes each

Cost: $255. Please send a $50 deposit for autodeposit to reserve your spot to:
Date & Time: Mondays 10am-11:30am
October 18th - December 20, 2021

The location: St. Georges Anglican Church, Parish Hall, 166 Russell in Clarksburg.
Please note: there are no refunds or make-up classes. 

The space is huge and beautiful and can easily accommodate 10 -15 participants with lots of space around each mat. The church sanitizes after each use so I expect the floors to be spic and span clean. Masks need to be worn until you are on your mat. Please note that you will be required to show proof of vaccination just before entering the class.

Live Online Classes ON HOLD.  Details