Sample Audio Practices

Here is a sample of my online classes. To access many more yoga therapy practices from my website for a small fee, send a request for the password to 
Consider attending the live classes online: The benefit to attending live classes online is that I can see you as you practice - it's the next best thing to being there. I can address you directly if a movement and posture isn't working for you and provide additional information on how to do something, if I find you struggling. You will also be practicing with other people in the comfort of your own home. 
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Class Online: Strengthen & Use Your Inner CoreJoanne Pineau -
00:00 / 1:21:39
Strong inner core muscles make it easier for you to do daily physical activities like walking and taking the stairs, pushing a grocery cart and standing in the kitchen to prepare a meal. 
Class Online: Upper Back, Neck & ShouldersJoanne Pineau -
00:00 / 1:22:28
Strengthening & stretching your upper back will help with neck and shoulder strain and improve your posture.  
Class Online: Quiet the Mind & Somatic MovementsJoanne Pineau -
00:00 / 1:18:07
A short guided sitting practice. Joanne Pineau -
00:00 / 04:28
Relieve body tension.Joanne Pineau -
00:00 / 10:17
Gentle back strengthenersJoanne Pineau -
00:00 / 08:03
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